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Brombal uses a specific steel alloy, the FeP02 with a GZ200 hot zinc coating (equivalent to 200 gr/sqm on both sides) that can protect the profile from oxidation both on the inside and outside face.
The subsequent finishing process, called skin-passing, allows a better paint grip thanks to polyester powders cooked at 180° and supplied in a wide range of colours available in polished, semi-polished, or sablè finishing. The technical-physical features of the steel allow the realisation of profiles with small sections and subsequent lower visual impact and increased indoor brightness. Other important features of galvanized steel are: an elastic modulus 3 times higher and thermal conductivity 4 times lower than aluminium alloys.


Large rolls or coils of steel are first treated with a hot dipped galvanizing process utilizing the Sendzimir system, this coating of zinc on both sides ensures ultimate protection against corrosive agents. The resulting product is then sent thorough a series of rollers to produce specify c shapes used for our section profiles while maintaining the galvanized coating


•Thermally broken.
•High structural characteristics for large
•unobstructed openings.
•3 times stronger than aluminum.
•4 times less conductive than aluminum.
•Made from 100% recycled materials.
•Reduced coefficient of expansion.
•Narrow sight lines.
•Modern and traditional designs


After the transformation from rolls of steel to frame sections, and finally completed units, we utilize any of the RAL colors as a standard selection. Our powder coating process offers a high quality durable finish. This painted finish can easily match any of your color needs.