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EBE 65 is the technological answer to the ever demanding building performance requirements. The innovative technological solution, known as “thermal break” joint, allows for highly structural profiles with low visual impact. This guarantees the highest performance requirements in terms of energy saving, maximum comfort, acoustic insulation, resistance to weather, active and passive safety and low maintenance costs.

The EBE65 is available in multiple configurations, the window below gives just a few examples what can be fabricated, different configurations can be designed to your specific request.


Our windows are all available with a variety of standard hinges and glazing beads as listed below, however we can source custom hardware or will verify if your hardware selection will integrate with our frames.

Glazing bead options
the wide range of glazing beads allows for a variety of different design for your internal window light. the great choice available visually recalls the traditional “iron window” profiles.

Hinge window options
Standard tilt and turn hinges are adjustable and supplied in galvanized steel with “e-look” finish and coloured plastic cover.
Stainless tilt and turn hinges are adjustable and supplied in stainless steel and stainless steel burnished.

Hinge door options
Weld-on hinges are in galvanized and stainless steel. Three-wing butt hinges are adjustable and are supplied in galvanized steel, stainless steel, burnished stainless steel and corten steel.